Teaching With Technology – Twine

Workshop facilitated at Xavier University’s Center for Teaching Excellence, January, 2018.

Whether creative or technical writing, Twine allows writers to easily craft interactive texts in their web browser that can be shared with the world. Learn how to create a non-linear narrative (think “Choose Your Own Adventure”) using both text and multimedia elements during this session.


Making Your Makerspace Work

Five week online class facilitated for the Association of Library Service to Children (a division of ALA), Fall 2017.

You are planning (or already have) a makerspace! This course provides concrete tips for engaging your users in exciting ways while helping them overcome the “intimidation factor” of using potentially complex (and expensive) equipment in a new and unfamiliar space. No matter what planning stage you are in for your makerspace, these tips will ensure you are better prepared for any unexpected challenges so you can stop worrying and start making! Weekly discussions cover hardware, software, and pedagogical trends in making. By the end of the course, participants will have a detailed plan of makerspace implementation as well as a compiled number of event plans and resources that can be used in their own makerspace. Let’s make your makerspace work!

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • plan and budget for a dynamic makerspace with appropriate materials that align with organizational goals (children are the intended patron base, but concepts can be applied anywhere).
  • promote a culture of making in their organizations and communities while minimizing the “intimidation factor” that makerspaces sometimes possess.
  • facilitate a variety of classes and workshops in and out of their makerspace.

Engaging Readers and Writers with Interactive Fiction

Four week online class facilitated for the Association of Library Service to Children (a division of ALA), Summer and Fall 2016, Winter 2017

This course introduces interactive fiction (IF) while showing how to create narrative text-based games for a variety of audiences and platforms. IF is a powerful tool to engage both readers and writers while teaching basic programming skills.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand how IF influenced and continues to influence not only video game design, but also literature
  • Demonstrate how readers can interact with texts in new and non-traditional ways through IF.
  • Leverage IF in children’s and teen programming, both inside the library and out, to encourage reading, writing, and computer programming skills across disciplines.
  • Write their own stories using Twine, Inform7, and others cross-platform programs.

Social Media for Small Business

Co-facilitated, June 2015

This limited-seating, hands-on workshop will transform you and your business into social media experts. Learn tips and best practices on how to: Increase traffic by providing fresh content on your page; Develop goals that will encourage fans to interact with your content Prompt users to share their opinion; Reach unique audiences with localized content; Create groundswell and buzz in local communities; Moderate Posts and content Respond to consumer feedback and complaints; Generate positive feedback about your brand; Manage threads of conversation. All of this will be done in the setting of a “live lab” where end-users will gain valuable hands-on experience with Facebook. This event will be held at the Lane Library Tech Center at 10 Journal Square. This workshop is in partnership with The Hamilton Mill, Ohio’s SBDC, and the Greater Hamilton Chamber. Christian Sheehy, Lane Library Tech Center Tech Center Manager, Jacob Stone Hamilton Mill Social Media Extraordinaire