SWON Make it Easy
Presenting on Makerspaces at a SWON Day Conference

Librarians are in the people business, not the book business. I’ve been a technology-focused library leader in the Greater Cincinnati area since 2009 and have been teaching since 2005. I serve communities and organizations that enrich, inform, and support people to be the best versions of themselves. I lead with empathy, actively listen to my team, and mentor with kindness and honesty.

Here’s some of the experience I bring with me:

  • 17 years of teaching and workshop facilitation in corporate, public, and post-secondary institutions. In-person, blended, and remote.
  • 14 years of dynamic leadership in both public and academic libraries, managing professional librarians, support staff, and student employees.
  • Makerspaces: Built and managed the first academic library makerspace in Cincinnati. Established the first public library 3D printing program in the region (and only the second in Ohio).
  • 7 years managing digital archives, including digitizing and cataloging.

Librarians are many things: we are project managers, event planners, determined researchers, empathetic leaders, early adopters, teachers, information organizers, and customer service experts and our skills translate to any profession.

For a more formal record of my experience, take a look at my complete CV. My professional portfolio is also here which contains detailed class outlines, project overviews, presentation slides, and more.

Together we can leave the world better than we found it. Let’s connect and talk about how that happens: me@christiansheehy.com