Christian Sheehy

Grilled Pineapple | Pandemic Edition

Pineapple eats you. It’s true. Have your revenge by grilling up some tasty, sweet chunks to accompany any meal. As usual, no elaborate stories or feel-gooderies. Just a quick, delicious recipe I created while trapped at home for who knows how long.

You Will Need:

  • 1 pineapple
  • Honey
  • Pepper, fresh-ground

You Will Do:

  • Fire up the grill: gas, charcoal, electric – whatever
  • Using a sharp chef’s knife, skin the pineapple. Chop off the top leafy bits and the bottom
  • Cut meaty chunks away from the pineapple’s core. If you prefer disks, that’s fine, too
  • Gently massage honey (sexy) into the pineapple chunks
  • Place the chunks onto the grill
  • Grind (also sexy) fresh pepper onto the chunks
  • Grill until heated through and grill marks appear, turning once after 2 minutes or so
  • Serve!