Hello World! Revisiting a Tired Medium

Like most folks in my generation, I started my first (and second, and third…) blog in the mid oughts. It was the future of publishing and I had complete confidence that my voice would stand apart from the noise! I enthusiastically mused about workplace annoyances, games I played, literary theory, and odd encounters on my bus ride to the office. I had a small, yet stable readership and I enjoyed our interactions. My momentum waned when I started grad school and I eventually gave up on the thing completely when I entered my profession. I’ve considered writing a book specific to technology and makerspaces in libraries ever since I became a librarian, but the time and motivation never quite made themselves apparent. So I’m revisiting my blog. Writing a book seems too ambitious – but if I patch a few dozen blog posts together, I’ll have a book right? And thus the experiment is renewed and I will hopefully start sharing my lessons learned with you again. Hello, old friends, and welcome new readers.